Weekly Credit Roundup: Majority Don’t Like Sharing Credit Card Info on Social Sites

by on February 18, 2012

Most Don’t Feel Comfortable Sharing Credit Card Info On Social Networks [Infographic] (Read Write Web)

Most of us still don’t like giving out our credit card information on social networking sites, according to a poll of 2,630 adults by Harris Interactive for Digitas.

Colorado Bill Would Bar Credit Checks For Some Jobs (CBS Denver)

Sen. Morgan Carroll told lawmakers Monday that the bad economy means more people who are unemployed have built up bad credit and that holding that against them creates a barrier.

Two Credit Card Skimming Machines Found at Long Island Gas Stations (NBC New York)

A victim of the skimming contacted the Gulf Gas Station on Northern Boulevard in Roslyn after finding fraudulent charges on his credit card, which he only uses at that station. The owner of the gas station then had the pump inspected by the company that services the pumps.

3 Reasons I Love My Credit Union (Bargaineering)

Credit unions act and feel more like local small businesses than the mega banks. When I make a deposit, they don’t make me fill out a deposit slip because they know me by name.

Which Credit Card Rewards Does the IRS Care About? (Daily Finance)

Citigroup’s (C) Citibank recently sent recipients of a special frequent flier mile promotion an unwelcome surprise: a 1099 tax form indicating those bonus miles have been reported to the IRS as income.

Credit Builder Loans Can Help Burnish Your Credit Score (NY Times Bucks Blog)

“Credit builder loans are offered as a way for credit union members to do a couple of things: get something good on their credit reports and set aside some money for future use,” said the credit scoring guru John Ulzheimer.



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