Weekly Credit Links: Barclaycard Ring Lets Customers Make the Rules

by on March 10, 2012

A New Credit Card Lets Customers Make The Rules (NY Times Bucks Blog)

The product development team at Barclaycard is well aware that banks don’t rank very high in the realm of public opinion. So they’ve created a new kind of credit card that tries to put you, the cardholder, in the driver’s seat.

9 Cities Where Americans Cut Their Debt The Most (Credit.com)

Which cities in America have been tightening their belts the most and getting down to the tough business of cutting their credit card debt? Turns out, consumers in areas where the recession hit hardest have been going down the most belt holes.

How and Where to Get Free Credit Scores in 2012 (Moolanomy)

Whether you plan to borrow money or not, your credit score is important and you should know yours — and why not? — when you can check your score for free without giving away your credit card number.

5 secrets to taking charge of your relationship with your credit card issuer (Creditcards.com)

Your relationship with your credit card issuer is a lot like your relationship with the opposite sex. While everyone knows that there are definite, hardcore, non-negotiable rules to courting, dating and marriage, most of us also know that there are many unwritten rules that, if followed, will increase your chances for a successful, loving relationship.

American Express Twitter Discount Promotions (Hustler Money Blog)

American Express Twitter Promotion is now offering special discounts for many participating retailers when you sync your AMEX card with your Twitter account. In order to receive the discounts, you must have a Twitter account, have an Amex Card, and Tweet merchant promotions.

More Fees for Bank of America Customers (Consumerism Commentary)

Only a few months ago, word of a new $5 monthly fee for debit card users sent Bank of America customers into a frenzy, threatening to move money away from the financial giant. Bank Transfer Day was largely a success, despite the complicated process of switching banks in today’s automated banking environment.



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